Our Story

History of “Bear Valley”

Steamboat Springs is located in the Yampa Valley, through which runs the Yampa River. The word Yampa comes from the Ute Language and is the Ute word for Bear. The Yampa Valley was once a common stomping ground for the Ute Indians. They came to this area for hunting, fishing, and to relax in the many natural springs located throughout the valley. The Ute Indians referred to the springs as “Medicine Springs” as they believed that the Springs had natural healing properties. The settlers who first arrived to the Yampa Valley used the English word Bear, rather than Yampa, to refer to the river and valley: Bear River, Bear Valley, Bear Country. Currently, the river and valley are known and referred to by their original Ute name, Yampa River and Yampa Valley. The name Bear Valley Medical represents Dr. Cantways’ connection to the valley, like a true local who was raised here, and her interest in the history of the Valley.

Our connection

Our connection to Steamboat Springs: Jennifer Cantway and Catherine Cantway are true Steamboat Springs locals. They grew up with their two older sisters in, what was at that time “out in the country” of Steamboat Springs. As a family they raised horses, and often helped out on the neighboring ranch herding the cattle down out of the mountains in the fall. They both participated in the local rodeo and other horse riding events, raced in the Soda-Pop Slalom, performed in many local dance and theatre productions. They both left the area to pursue educational and professional goals, but have returned to the area to settle and utilize their respective professions to serve the local community that supported them growing up.


Our Providers

Dr.Catherine Cantway

Dr. Catherine Cantway grew up in Steamboat Springs. She once held the record for the longest barrel race time at the local Rodeo Series. Dr. Cantway graduated from Steamboat Springs High School in 1999, and went on to complete two bachelors degrees at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and a Bachelor of Science in Spanish. Dr. Cantway does speak fluent Spanish. Dr. Cantway went on to attend medical school at the University of Washington School of Medicine, one of the leading medical schools for producing primary care physicians. After medical school she completed her Family Medicine Residency at St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Grand Junction, Colorado. She then went on to get more training in geriatrics, and finished her Geriatric Fellowship at the University of Utah in June 2018. As part of her geriatric training, she spent extra time working with Dr. Foster at the University of Utah Center for Alzheimer’s Care, Imaging and Research (CACIR) and gained extra experience with diagnosing and managing cognitive health disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

Dr. Cantway returned to Steamboat in the summer of 2018 to start Bear Valley Medical, so that she can help serve the needs of the citizens of her hometown. In her spare time, Dr. Cantway enjoys mountain biking, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, and yoga. Dr. Cantway is also a 200 hour RYT certified yoga instructor.



Jennifer Cantway

Jennifer Cantway was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She graduated from Steamboat Springs High School in 2001, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from the University of Redlands in Redlands, California.

She now has over a decade of counseling and therapeutic experience. She spent five of those years providing academic and personal counseling to high school students. For the past five years she has been working with traditional aged to adult students, helping them to navigate higher education, work through career changes, and navigate mental health awareness in their own lives. During her professional career she also took a slight detour from the education profession, and spent some time working in the foster care system and with families involved with human services. She gained additional career training, and became a certified therapist in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through this training she worked with families, teaching and coaching them through a 10 week curriculum on parenting strategies. Additionally, she provided in home therapy for individuals ranging from elementary aged children to middle aged adults.  Jennifer Cantway is an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending her spare time out in the mountains and with her family.

“Throughout my career, I have always been in a helping profession. I am excited to work with patients and clients to build, support, and coach them through life and health related changes. I am available to any and all of Dr. Cantway’s patients. I look forward to working with you all.”



Dr. Anna Lundeen

Dr. Lundeen is originally from Ponca City, Oklahoma, but has been traveling to Colorado to hike since as early as she can remember. Having lived all over the country and actually graduating from high school in Dubai, UAE, coming back to Colorado was always her goal. She received her bachelors of science in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University and then went on to attend Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. It was upon graduating from medical school that she was able to realize her dream of living in Colorado when she began her training at the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program. During her training, she developed a passion for primary care, especially women’s health. She also has training in functional medicine.

She has been in the Yampa Valley since 2009 working in community health. It has been a joy working in this community, and Steamboat has been an incredible town to start and raise a family. In her spare time, she is an avid skier, crossfitter, and biker and loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. In addition, she is a level 1 certified Crossfit coach at Steamboat Strength and Conditioning.