Direct primary care is a model of primary care in which patients pay a direct primary care practice a monthly fee for access to primary care services. See our “membership packages” for more information on exactly what is included with your monthly fee.

Unlimited access to your primary care provider via phone, text, email, plus unlimited office visits that can be up to 1 hour long! This allows for more personalized care, and studies are showing that patients in direct primary care practices have better health outcomes.

The Bear Valley Medical direct primary care monthly membership fee does not cover specialist visits, hospitalizations, surgery, ER visits, Imaging services*, Lab services*, medication costs

No, the direct primary care membership fee is not health insurance, and the fee only includes access to primary care services. I recommend that patients do have health insurance to cover non-primary care related healthcare expenses.

For patients age 64 or younger, or patients 65 or older who do not have Medicare part B, I do not do any insurance billing, do not collect any copays or co-insurance associated with insurance plans.

We are now accepting a limited number of Medicare patients!  Please call us at 970-875-6062 or email us at admin@bearvalleymedical.com to reserve your spot, or with any questions.  Services for Medicare patients will begin in August 2019.  Based on Medicare rules and regulations, we will still need to bill your insurance for all office visits.  Because of this, we are giving Medicare patients a discount on our monthly membership fee so that you can enjoy the additional benefits that our practice provides that go above and beyond services offered in a standard clinic.

Unfortunately in the state of Colorado, patients with Medicaid are prohibited from signing up with Direct Primary Care Practices. This is due to  Colorado Revised Statutes Title 25.5. Health Care Policy and Financing § 25.5-4-301, which states that physicians in Colorado are prohibited from privately contracting with any Medicaid patients for services that are covered by Medicaid.

No. A concierge medical practice requires patients to have health insurance, and the practice bills the patients insurance in addition to collecting a monthly membership fee. In Direct Primary Care there is no insurance billing. Both concierge medicine and direct primary care aim to improve the overall primary care experience. Link here to a facebook video of DPC docs discussing the difference between Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine.

No problem, just let us know if and when you want to cancel, and we will pro-rate your last month of membership.

Absolutely! Please refer to our “small business membership package” for more information or “contact us”